UP College of Law Application Process for AY 2020-2021

UPLAE Application
UP Law Aptitude Examination

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The U.P. Law Aptitude Examination or simply UPLAE or LAE is a requirement for admission to the U.P. College of Law. It consists of objective tests designed to measure certain abilities and skills necessary for the study of law. The test subjects included in the UP Law Aptitude Examination are Communication Skills, Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary, Critical Thinking, and Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning. Applicants will be evaluated for admissions on the basis of both the results of the UP Law Aptitude Examination and their academic results.

When is the next UPLAE?
UPLAE for Academic Year (AY) 2020-2021 will be administered on February 23, 2020 in different testing sites: UP Diliman, UP Baguio, UP Cebu, UP Visayas in Iloilo, UP Mindanao in Davao City, and other selected venues in Naga, Cagayan de Oro, and Zamboanga. The deadline for applications is on 07 February 2020, Friday.  Late applications will be accepted until 6:00 p.m. on 14 February 2020, Friday, with corresponding fines.

Who can take the UPLAE?
Applicants are required to have finished or is finishing a 4-year bachelor’s degree in the arts or sciences from a college or university recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Applicants should have any of the following subjects as major or field of concentration:
Political Science

A bachelor’s degree holder in a field other than those mentioned above must have earned the following minimum number of units:
English (12 units)
History or Economics (9 units)
Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology (9 units)
Rizal Course (3 units)

What are the requirements to register for UPLAE?
1. Applicants must register and complete the application online at the official UP College of Law website.
2. Proof of graduation or senior standing

For holders of a bachelor’s degree: (1) Official Transcript of Records (OTR), and (2) General Weighted Average (GWA) as computed and certified by the school registrar.
For candidates for graduation of a bachelor’s degree: Certification from the school registrar that the applicant is a candidate for graduation for the current school year; (2) Latest Official Transcript of Records (OTR); (3) General Weighted Average (GWA) as computed and certified by the school registrar; and 4) Copy of the curriculum of the course in which the applicant is graduating. Please note that a successful applicant must already be a baccalaureate degree holder at the time of enrollment.
For applicants who are currently enrolled in another law school: (1) Certification of good standing. The certification must include the fact that the applicant is not disqualified by any reason to re-enroll in the said school the next school year; and (2) Official Transcript of Records (OTR)

3. ID picture (1”x1”) with white background. Accepted image formats are .jpg, .jpeg and .png.
4. Testing fee proof of payment. UP Law only accepts applications within a given period, usually from November until the first week of February the next year. Applicants must register within the given period to avoid fine for late registration or rejection of application. Again, this post will be updated as soon as the official announcement for UPLAE registration is released.
5. Latest original or duly certified Income Tax Return or a Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) certification that the taxpayer is exempted from filing a tax return for those who seek financial assistance or exemption to pay the test fee.
6. Other requirements as may be imposed by the Admissions Committee.

What are the requirements on the test day?
1. Admission Ticket (generated online after successful application and verification)
2. Two (2) lead pencils
3. Valid Identification card (Photo bearing school ID, Employee’s Photo ID, Driver’s License, Passport or photo bearing certification from school registrar or employer)

Grounds for disqualification
The following are grounds for disqualification/disapproval of an application for admission:
(a) Concealment, misinterpretation or falsification of any material fact throughout the application process;
(b) Intentional submission of incorrect documents, falsified documents, or non-submission of the required documents;
(c) Serious misconduct resulting in disciplinary action (suspension/expulsion and at anytime of the proceeding) in any of the schools attended;
(d) Disqualification for academic reasons in this or in another law school, including probation status;
(e) Conviction of an offense involving moral turpitude.

Source: Official UP College of Law website

Are you now planning to take the next UPLAE?

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Mock UP Law Aptitude Examination
Mock UPLAE & PhiLSAT Schedule

Disclaimer: Details of the application process may be incomplete here. The content of this post will be updated as soon as the official announcement for UPLAE registration is released. The website www.uplae.com.ph is not any way affiliated with the UP College of Law, the UP system, PhiLSAT or Legal Education Board.

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