Mock PhiLSAT and Mock UPLAE

Mock PhiLSAT and Mock UPLAE

We conduct free online Mock PhiLSAT and Mock UPLAE months before the actual exams.This initiative aims to help examinees to evaluate how prepared they are to take the PhiLSAT or UPLAE. This is absolutely free, but in limited slots only.  For the next mock exam, please see details below:

What: Online Mock Exam
When: (to be announced)
Where: At the comfort of your own place
Who: Book buyers are assured of slots, but registration is still required.
How: (to be announced)

Note: Double entry of registration will be automatically removed. Entries from the same IP address will also be an automatic disqualification. List of successful registrants will be posted on our FB Group Page at least few days before the date of the Mock exam. We’ll keep you posted.

Requirements and Guidelines:

  1. Limited slots only on a first-come, first-serve basis. Schedule date and time will be announced on our FB page and on this site’s home page.
  2. Since this is online mock exam, you must have a PC with strong internet connection—not cell phone, not tab, not iPad.
  3. Use only Chrome Web Browser. Using other browsers such as Internet Explorer or Firefox will, for sure, make you disconnected. Our Exam Portal will run smoothly on Chrome. We’ll not entertain inquiries or request for assistance once you get disconnected because of non-compliance.
  4. Once you have registered for the mock exam, you will receive an email confirmation to notify you about your slot for the mock exam. You must read carefully the instructions on the email especially the information about the exam portal link and password (there is a 2ndlevel password to take note of).
  5. The second-level password or secret word will be announced few minutes before the scheduled exam via FB Post or at, whichever is more convenient for us. Always check our FB page and website. Thirty minutes prior the start of the exam, we’ll be active on FB to make further announcement on the exam rules as well as the second-level password or secret word.
  6. Once you have already entered the SECRET WORD or the 2nd level-password, DO NOT click the following to avoid disconnection:
    • Control Key
    • Command Key (MAC user)
    • Back button of the web browser
    • ESC button
  7. Our system can detect if you access search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Although you have the liberty to do so, we would like to remind you that we don’t really care about your score. This activity is for self-assessment. Honesty is always the best policy.
  8. We will NOT post online your score or personal information as we respect confidentiality. But you will see your own score right after the exam after clicking SUBMIT.
  9. Take a quick survey after the mock exam which is available at _______________________
  10. This is a free online mock exam sponsored by UPLAE/PhiLSAT 2-in-1 Reviewer (formerly known as UPLAE: In the Grand Manner). None from our team will collect payment for your participation in this activity.

If you wish to know more details about our reviewer, please click here or visit Add us on Facebook at and join our FB group: “PhiLSAT Comprehensive Review.” Want to know more about PhiLSAT registration, requirements, passing score, coverage, etc.? Just click here for details.

Reviewer for PhiLSAT and UPLAE

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